Saturday, 26 November 2011

Our First Run....

The lifts have open and we all have boards so yesterday we went for a skii. Its possible for us to board from the back of our house straight to a lift that goes on to the village and main mountain. Ive added photos for those of you who dont have facebook and a map of the runs on the mountain....

Tim at the top of the tallest mountain

Lucy on her favorite run

Sorry no photos of chris as he was at work but ill add some in the next post.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The boys decide to learn a new language....

We found these novels in our house last night.... needless to say the boys are now keen to learn some Dutch.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Speaking Dutch and Shopping

Today I (lucy) went to work whilst the boys went shopping....(does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?). Work was really chilled and everyone was very friendly. I had my first hot apple cider YUM! and learnt how to say hello in Dutch "goedemorgen".
Tim and Chris hitchhiked into town where they ment an excentric, wax loving snowboard salesman named Nate. In no time Nate had the boys hooked up with boards, binding and boots. They were finished up in a hour but had a little trouble getting back up the mountain so it wasnt untill the sun had gone down that they had trecked it into the cafe to pick me up.
its bed time now so untill tomorrow "goedenacht!"

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Our first day

After 39 hours 11 mins and 36.8 seconds we arroved in Vancouver Canada. The trip went fairly quickly for Tim and I, however Chis was unlucky enough to be seated next to a girl with plane sickness. We found Beijing to be very cold and a bit weird but they do great hot chocolates. Tims cousin Michael was at the airport to meet us and show us around. We grabbed some dinner and slept the night in a 33 degree room (opps). The next day we work up at 9:36am to discover our free breakie ended at 9:30am (opps). So we set out for Canada's version of Centrelink to get a TFN, however after an hour of walking we reallised it was Sunday and was only open Monday to Friday (opps). Deciding not to be so stupid from now on we quickly set up bank accounts and bought SIM cards for our phones. That pretty much took the whole day. So at the moment its 6:09pm and we are sitting in our room starving (because we havent had anything to eat yet) waiting for Michael to arrive and take us out to a good pub. A big Hockey game is on tonight which everyone seems a little crazy about so thats the plan. We are missing the perfect Aussie weather- it was 3 degrees today. Vancouver has a lovely views and mansions/houses but there are no clothes shops.... at all. Pokies dont have a "gamble" button either so we will all be saving a lot of money. We are enjoying ourselves so far and very excited to get to the ski resort. Havent found an adaptor or figured out our phones yet so we will make contact as soon as we can. Lots of love to all our families. xoxox TLC

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Count Down Begins....

This blog has been created to record the around-the-world trip of three friends.
As our followers (who are no doubt mostly family) will know, our names are Tim, Lucy and Chris- hence this blog’s name “TLC”.
T is for Tim, who is very Tender, L is for the Loving Lucy and C is for Chris, who we are always Caring for. Together it’s a lot of tender loving care.
Today, two weeks out from leaving for Canada, we accepted our one and only job offer at a multitasking cafĂ©/bakery/bar/restaurant called “Bugaboos”.  Check out this website for a virtual tour…
After the 38 hour trip the plan is to shack up in some staff accommodation, snowboard, work, drink and basically get high… on life ;)
We hope everyone enjoys reading TLC, it may end up being or only form of communication at times so we apologise in advance for any inappropriate blogs.